Car Air Conditioning

Most modern day vehicles are now fitted with air conditioning. Air conditioning systems need regular servicing, maintenance and attention to ensure they work efficiently. Manufactures recommend that the air conditioning system should be re-gassed every two years.

We offer the latest diagnostics and air conditioning equipment available.

We offer a complete air con recharge service. An air con service / re-gas will remove the old refrigerant and oil, and will evacuate any moisture and air from the system which could cause corrosion or damage to the components. The system would be pressure tested for any leaks and UV tested if necessary to establish if there are any faults with the components. The recommend levels of refrigerant and oil are then replaced.

Our services include:
Work on all air con systems R134A & R1234yf compatible
Visual and operational checks to the air con system
Temperature test
Recharging refrigerant gas and replacement of oil to the recommended levels
Pressure test
Visual belt checks
Av leak detection test
Evacuation of air and moisture from system
Antibacterial treatment
Pollen filter replacement
Replacement of faulty components

Are you getting a smelly odour in your car when you put on the air con / heater?

The possible cause is a build-up of bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms which build up in the cars dash vents.

We offer a full service to remove any harmful bacteria from the air conditioning system which removes any unpleasant odours you maybe experiencing.

Car Diagnostics